Since purchasing or apartment in Queenscliff in early 2001, Gilbey Burgess Strata Management has been the building manager for the Owners Corporation.

Having experienced two other Strata Managers in the area over some 20 years previously, Gilbey Burgess in my opinion has far exceeded others we have encountered.  Their responsiveness and professional approach to the building management issues has been commendable.

Whether in dealing with the earlier Principals, Heather and (the late) Bill Lake initially to now Carolyn Pitt and her brother David Lake, through to their individual staff I have found them to be courteous, friendly,  diligent and knowledgeable in assessing Owners Corp issues, arranging and recommending trade quotes from suppliers, and following up on the performance of those services.

They have been quick to alert the Executive Committee to changes in regulations and legislation about Strata law and compliance matters. Their financial reporting to the owners is punctual and accurate.

A commendable feature of having GB as a Strata Manager is they are independent of regular Real Estate Sales and Management organisations, thus minimising potential conflict of interest.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gilbey Burgess to an Owners Corporation.

Mr R Barton